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Thought about it, looked into it, considered it, did it...............

All them years ago........

Back in December of 2011, a few friends decided that being members of a motorcycle club just wasn't enough. Even though for many years, the club had helped raise funds and work with many other charities.

​The guys decided they would put their passion for motorcycles and riding to good use by forming what was then Northwest Blood Bikes Manchester but now rebranded as Blood Bikes Manchester.

In January of 2012, the charity formed and by July of the same year, the team had managed to achieve 3 bikes, 1 support car and a hospital willing to trial the charity.

Going live with Tameside Hospital's Pathology Lab delivering the first batch of blood escalated throughout the region, and now in 2016, we are serving the majority of our regions hospitals and hospice's.

Below you will see a map of Blood Bike groups.
See Blood Bikes in action, click on the video.